Meats & Poultry

We Provide Only the Highest Quality Beef. Our consistently tender cuts of beef with superior flavor aren’t achieved only with conscientious processing. It is also the result of careful cattle breeding, feeding and care that produces the very best beef. Those who enjoy traditional beef will be even more confident and secure when they taste the tender, flavorful, natural goodness of beef provided by Shalhoob Meats. Naturally raised, Naturally tender, Naturally flavorful. Shalhoob Meat Company is proud to offer Hollister Ranch Beef Cooperative local, organic, grass fed beef in addition to our all natural beef selection. Beef lovers will fall in love all over again with the natural distinction of the premium beef provided by Shalhoob Meats.

Providing Premium Poultry Since 1973. Here at Shalhoob Meats, we take great pride in our all natural chicken. Our customers enjoy the confidence that the poultry we supply is the best available. From the moment we receive our chickens, state-of-art standards are used in their handling and portioning in insure sanitation and freshness. We have been providing whole birds, whole breasts, split breasts and as well as all the various parts to institutional, restaurant and hotel customers in the area since 1973.

Our pork’s natural great taste is the result of careful care and control. Our pork tastes better because of the way the hogs are raised. The reason our pork is so good is because of what it does without as they grow. Our suppliers hog’s feed is free of GMOs (genetically manipulated organisms). They do not receive rendered animal by products or antibiotics. They are not exposed to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers or irradiation. Instead, they are free to pasture and are fed only natural feed in an ecologically friendly and sustainable farm environment.

Our Australian/New Zealand lamb is naturally raised on open green pastures and from breeds recognized most for their flavor qualities. All animals are grass-fed and free of both artificial feed supplements and artificial growth hormones. This source of lamb has built up an international reputation for being always tasty, tender and delicious. Our finest Colorado lamb comes only from grass and grain-fed farms that practice the most stringent quality food safety and handling standards.